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How you lost them? Lost computer with software and dongle in USB? I think it is almost impossible. Too big to loose.

Have latest EZ controller, which can install without dongle on any Windows ( even W10 x64 ) . Write private message, if need it.

EZ controller will not be enough to run QSS3701 . At least you need QSS3701 system software and profile data. If you have scanner then will need system software for it. Also on EZ controller can be used many optional modules ( for example multiframe print, curve correction, spot correction, red eye and many other ) . Have all of them.

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Guess you use EZ controller version 5 ( not version 6 ) on W7 32 bit without dongle. Which minilab software version you have?

Can upgrade to latest version on the same computer, or transfer your system to other computer ( running any Windows ) .

To install on new Windows also have install new system software for QSS3501PLUS . If have scanner have upgrade scanner system software.

Have all software - the latest versions. Can help upgrade your system, or transfer all to new computer, or new Windows. All can run without dongle. Write private message, if interested.

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Hello. Yes, it can work on any Windows ( even W10 x64 ) .

Can be connected any Noritsu drylabs, Noritsu minilabs ( QSS3101-1 and latter ) , all Noritsu USB scanners ( LS-600, LS-1100, HS-1800, S-1800 ) , some Fuji dry printers, Fuji LP-7x00 minilabs, some Epson wide format printers and some DNP. To one EZ-controller at the same time can be connected up to 8 printers and few scanners. Ez controller can run with dongle, or without it.

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Hi we have Noritsu 3702HD and EZ Controler with dongle.
I have buy new computers with windows 10 64bit , I wait to need new ver EZ controller , 3702 system software and latest profile data.

Can you send me some links to this.
my email tangbobo@gmail.com


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Hi! I have a few questions about a scanner i bought recently, i would appreciate it if anyone could help. The scanner is a Noritsu HS1800. I spoke to a technician who told me that all it needs to be running is the software, my question is: where can i get this software and what are the system requirements for my pc to run it?
I intend to use this equipment to just scan film and create a digital archive, not to pair it with a printer.

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For 5.01.024 and earlier can use virtual dongle. I have it. Sorry, but this version is very old for nowadays. It doesn't have new features, which have new version. It can't open big files, have new correction features, designed to work on Windows Vista and earlier, support only 32 bit systems, can't be installed new system software versions and etc. New EZ controller has version 6.80. Versions since 6.60 can work on W10 x64.

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On 20/04/2017 at 08:41, Minilab service said:

Olá. Qual controlador Ez você precisa? Você tem dongle? Pode oferecer estas opções:

1. Versão 6.60. Você pode usá-lo com o seu dongle. Pode ser instalado em qualquer Windows (até W 10 x64)

2. Versão 6.60 trabalhando sem dongle. Será ativado apenas em um computador.

3. Versão 5.01 trabalhando sem dongle. Pode instalar quantos você precisar. Desvantagem - versão antiga, projetada para funcionar no Windows XP (no modo de compatibilidade funciona no W7 x32), não pode abrir imagens grandes, não suporta arquivos RAW e não possui todos os recursos, que podem ser encontrados na versão mais recente.

Todas essas três versões não são gratuitas. O Free pode oferecer apenas o antigo controlador Ez (versão 2). Tem muitos bugs. Você precisará do dongle para executá-lo.

ola quanto sai a versão ez v 6.60 tenho o dongle, so utilizo o ez para tratamento de imagem pois não tenho a impressora (brasil)

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