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Hello. If you have XP version with dongle can upgrade it to version Ez controller 6.60. If you want can help move your XP version to new computer running on any Windows ( even Windows 10 x64 ) .

Already know - EZ controller version 5.01 last version running with Sentinel Protection Installer 7.3.0 .  EZ controller version 5.50 and above running Sentinel Protection Installer 7.6.1 ( should be

Ez controller is not software for exact minilab. Ez controller is for NPS printers ( QSS3501 PLUS and above ) . It is quite difficult to run on older minillabs. Time is going and now Ez controller has

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Hello everyone i need help.


A month ago an error ocurried when i try enter in edition mode to make 3x4 photos, a gray screen, and the program need to close, becouse it stop to work.

My temporary solution was making on photoshop all the 8 3x4 photos in a 10x15 then print by the comom way, i have contacted a professional from the area, he told was needed to format the computer, but i have fear to stop printing, so we instaled in a new computer(a litle bit older, also i am thinking to buy a i3 to install again becouse...) but the new computer worked for only 3 days then show this error...  I formated the new computer 4 times, i tryed win 7, with 32 and 64 bits, also tried in win 10, but on win 10 the program dont open, i am trying to install version 6.6.0   in win 7 it works for 2 days, then this error apear, so i removed the new computer and put the old one to work, but we are losing many time making the 3x4 in photoshop.

The tecnic told to buy a new computer, i dont want to try to format the computer that is working fine ( but dont print 3x4, that frame and multi frame thing) 

What could be this problem? Is the version of my program? what should i do? 

a i3 should work fine right? and have any solution for this problem before i spend in a new computer? becouse if i can fix with the 2 olders computer woulde be better, my fear is to buy a new computer and the error still happening.

WhatsApp Image 2020-02-28 at 11.25.47.jpeg

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15010-00003 means system error - exception occurs in the order management thread. This error can cause RAM, EZ controller software, or some other problems.
Try to run EZ controller testing tool. Might be something missing, or not enough. Try to increase virtual memory. Check printer system software version. Maybe version too low for your Windows.
Try format hard disk and make fresh Windows and EZ controller installation. Format disk D and there on EZ controller settings forward temporary files and files from scanner ( if have it ) . Better to use EZ controller with new installation interface ( 6.70 and latter ) . The latest EZ controller - version 6.8.

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We are running QSS-3704HD + HS-1800 with EZ Controller version EZ Controller 6.70 in Windows 10 64bit.
We can't turn off EZ Controller PC because it is constantly receiving customer orders 24/7 from network.
( It is just made that way )

We have various old EZ Controller  versions on CD's: 4.10.054,   5.0.1,  5.0.111,  5.60.
We would like to fix problems with HS-1800 scanner elsewhere, away from noisy lab environment.

Is it  possible to operate and fix HS-1800 with one of these EZ Controller versions with virtual key?
How is it done?
XP/W7 operating system are ok to make install.

Best Regards
Juha Eske

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On 4/20/2017 at 6:41 PM, Minilab service said:

Hello. Which Ez controller do you need? Do you have dongle? Can offer these options :

1. Version 6.60 . You can use it with your dongle. Can be installed on any Windows ( even W 10 x64 )

2. Version 6.60 working without dongle. Will be activated on one computer only.

3. Version 5.01 working without dongle. Can install as many as you need. Disadvantage - version old, designed to work on Windows XP ( in compatibility mode works on W7 x32 ) , can't open big images, do not support RAW files and has not all features, which can find on latest version.

All these three versions are not free. Free can offer just old Ez controller (version 2). It has a lot of bugs. You will need dongle to run it.

Hello, is it possible for using EZ Controller without dongle on my Windows XP? Waiting on your reply :)

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On 2/3/2017 at 1:35 AM, Minilab service said:

Yes, I have it. Latest version ( Version 6.60.031 ) . Without dongle perfectly works on Windows 10 64 . Also have all optional software modules. Write private message, if need to install it.


Hello, I am a photographer from Serbia, I have a Fuji frontier 7100, I would like to install a Noritsu EZ controller, is it feasible and what would be the price for that greeting
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