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Lp25000 Replanisher Sect Problem


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Hi did anyone have idea what is problem when replanisher is drop, then mixing starts then comes up message that error exist in replanisher section?


I check sensors, only P2RA is on. When i drain remaining 300ml P2RA mixing continues without problem.


Pump output measurment is done regulary, pumps work but on the end when remain about 300ml P2RA that pump pumps air.


Any idea?


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bonjour.ton problem is a shift niveau.it s mean  after the consomation of  4 rouloux paper 15.2 there is some chemistry in the bath entretien.p1.p2RA OR P2RB.make a new  measurement of the flow pump meter and the value found in the eprouvete(usually between 48 ml and 52 ml). I also recommend that you clean the pump p2ra (filter. mombrane. valve)

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