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Frontier 370 Has Not Prepared A Cartridge In A Long Time (See Picture)


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Hey there everyone. The color of the photos has been looking kind of washed and lack luster. I checked the I/O screen and it looks like this. The machine has not prepared a cartridge in some time and we think its because its the cartridge level that has been making some conflict or something over here. What can i do to make the machine prepare the cartridge? I clicked on "Normal" at the D741 Cartidge Normal or Reverse. Not sure what can i do now or how to make the machine start preparing the cartridge


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Hello there. Four years late! Update: it happened again. Had so little work in the last 3 weeks that when the levels reach the bottom the Frontier 370 did not go to "MIXING" and had to manually do the cartridge preparation.


So, what we did is that we placed the cartridge in "Normal" and it got punched, dripping the chemicals down the machine. Put them to clean the valves of each and all got filled up. However, i think i missed a step or something because the P1R did not go up on the upper level, just the lower level. So far the machine is working normal on that. Will have to wait till the next time the machine prepares a cartridge.


Back to you, Tom

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Back in January 31 2019 after two weeks without preparing a cartridge it finally asked for it. Also, strangely enough, the P2R-A and P2R-B did not empty during this time. Had to drain them from the replenishment tanks so it could finally start preparing the cartridge. Everything went normal after that. I believe the Frontier 370 asked for the cartridge after the P1 replenishment went almost empty, though in January 15 2019 it was low and it did not prepare the cartridge.


And that, is the update, thank you for tuning in.

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