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Looking Software For Order-It V5 And Dl430


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Hi there,


I'm looking for someone to exchange MS01 software to any kiosk software compatible with DryLab DL430 and order-it v5. 


I can share this:


MS01 Basic Software

MS01 Basic Software
MSP43 DL430 Printer Software
Image Processing Module DL400/410/430 1.03
DL430 System Program 1.01
MS11 Filmscanner connection for SP3000 2.0-0E-030
MS11 Filmscanner connection for SP500 1.0-0E-300

MS13 LAN Spool
MS14 Variety Print Software 2.0-0E-020
MS15 Template for Variety Print 1.0-0E-100
MS16 6-Frame Preview Software 1.0-0X-050
MS18 Skin Tone Customization Software 1.0-0X-040
MS21 Express Variety Print Software
Template Creation Tool (ICB) v1.0.1.2 and Manual 
DL430 Parts List
DL430 Initial Data
Fujifilm Bootable recovery DVD WST3400 MT, DIC-IV 4.0 ES WIN XP SP2 for MS
MS Software Series Manual (for MS01 3.0)

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