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Konica R2 Scanner Standalone - L1778 Error


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Recently I got Konica R2 Film Scanner with usb-key.
Also I got Phenix software version 2.00 which I installed on Windows 2000 SP4.
I planned to use it as standalone scanner for personal film scanning at home, but this is not so easy as I thought before.
The hardware of my PC is next: GIGABYTE GA-6VEM \ PENTIUM III Tualatin \ PCI 1394 card.
When I run Phenix, I get error with code L1778 (The Input station to control the Printer processor is not found)

How can I fix this problem?


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Konica scanner can work stand alone. Set LAN IP settings as it should be on Konica.

This software perfectly works on my laptop, where not connected any scanner and minilab.

By the way - if you need online can enable optional software modules ( D ice, red eye,  Scale adjustment, tone customaize and many other ) .

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Thank you, Phenix works after configuring IP.

And now I have another problem. Phenix can't connect to scanner.
Scanner connected to the PCI FireWire card (VIA 1394 OHCI), driver installed, I see RD5 Film Scanner in Windows device manager.

Film_Scanner_Not_Connected.jpg     Versions.jpg

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On L1179 troubleshooter written :

Reinstall film scanner driver.
Check input PC 1394 circuit board and 1394 cable.
Replace film scanner power unit.(2700YE600D, 6-3-5, 2850YE600A, 6-3-4)
Replace image capture unit.(2700YE600D/2850YE600A, 6-3-1)

First try remove scanner driver and install it again. Try remove scanner from Phenix and register it again. One is clear - system should work.

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Hello. Which scanner model do you have? Do you have manual carrier? If yes - try to scan with it. Then you can test scanner.

It is difficult to say what cause this problem - electronic or mechanical parts. Go to input and output check to test carrier there ( motors and sensors ). Try to run carrier adjustments, clean sensors and then see. Maybe you can borrow other carrier or test your carrier on other scanner. 

On your screenshot I see you have D ICE option. Would you like to have more options :

Caption Edit, CD-R, HCDR-A, ICC, LUT select, Printer tone setup, Red eye, Scale adjustment, Tone customaize. All they can be added online.

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Hello, I own a Konica R2 700. I bought a Fujifilm DX100 printer. I am going to stop my minilab. But I want to use it as film scanner. My software version is 1.20. When I do not start the printer Phenix does not start. It gives error and ask to turn on the printer. Can you please advice me how to use it standalone scanner.

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