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QSS 3501Plus - stripes


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I am owner of Noritsu QSS 3501 Plus. Unfortunately the following problem have occurred recently:

- when i am sending and printing single photo everything is OK - attachment nr 1

- when i am printing 2 or more photos, in the photos appear vertical stripes (along the width of the paper, for example 152) - see attachment nr 2. Those stripes appear in every photo exept the last one, for example: when i send 10 photos to the printer, in the photos from 1 to 9 stripes appear ( attachment 2) but the last one, nr 10, is OK (attachment 1).

It doesn't matter which width (127, 152, 210) or type (GLOSS, LUSTER) of paper i am using, it occures on all of them.

Have someone met such a problem or very similar ? Do you have any idea how to solve it ? 

I would be very gratefull for any advice.

Best regards,





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Sorry its not the laser glass or focal guide its classic banding your paper is stop starting, juddering,  stop gives a plus density then light line. as above check your belt and bearings look for any black powder from the bearings a sign they are failing, check the belts for deposits and on the pullies. it doesn't take a lot to cause banding

looking again also check the paper is going into the reverse unit correctly and the reverse unit upper roller is held open to accept the leading edge. The banding looks to be in a consistent place xx mm back from the leading edge. The upper roller is held open to receive prints by a small bearing on a black arm that rides on a cam at the back of the reverse unit. Often the black arm is broken or distorted or the plastic holding the top part breaks off the shaft its moulded on  to

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