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FUJI Frontier Sp500 problem


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Hi all

I am having trouble with my newly bought sp500. I am using vmware and FE software. It was running fine before and I can scanned few images like normal.

Today when I turned on the scanner. I noticed that the led light in front of the scanner unit (power and state) they are not lighted as normal. Scanner is on I can tell by the fan make noise. I checked behind all fans were running normal. Problem is the scanner wont start also the scanner is not recognized by the software. Hence I cant scan or evem calibrate as its not recognized now.

Inside the scanner i can see the light source lit up reg green blue light. And also i saw some light by peeking through the scanner grill. 


What may be the problem with this? Mainboard or power supply?


Thank you for any inputs



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On 1/14/2023 at 11:57 AM, Brohymn said:

Missing voltage. Probably 5v. So... Damage mainboard or power supply.

Hello, can you tell me according to the Wiring Diagrams where I should test the voltages with the multimeter?



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15 hours ago, Minilab service said:

When power supply is powered and pressed power button can check voltages on connectors PS2, PS3, PS4, PS5, PS6 and PS8.

Grateful!  As soon as I can I will run the tests.

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