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Connect Kodak KPK+ kiosks to Apex

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We have 2 of the Kodak KPK+ V6.1 kiosks. We have been using the Kodak 6850 printers, and want to switch to the 7000 series. Apparently those only work with Kodak Apex, not the Kiosks. But the Kiosks are supposed to be able to connect to the Apex, and have it do the printing.

So we got an Apex V6.1 running. On the Kiosks, I can go in the settings to Join Kiosk Network and the Apex machine is detected. The Kiosk joins and restarts, but doesn't offer any print products for the Apex machine. Seems like Kiosk can see Apex, but doesn't know what to do with it.

Any ideas to try?

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Hi Karlin, I am in the same problem, have you managed to print with the 7000 printers - either through the apex or without it?

Could you explain to me how you did the print-to-dls thing? and if it still works for you?


p.d .: I need to connect a 7000 printer to the kpk + 6 kiosk either with apex or directly to the kiosk
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