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Frontier PC Upgrade


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I'm in need of some advice.

I have recently acquired an SP2000, The PC that runs it seems like its on its way out - its an old P2 and could do with being upgraded.

Is it possible to easily clone the old pc drives onto a new er ish machine running XP? Maybe clone the old NT4 system to the newer PC and then upgrade NT4 to XP keeping the original Frontier software an setup in place during upgrade (as XP basically being the unofficial NT5 anyway?), is this possible?

Though, I would ideally want to do a fresh install however, I do not have the A1 software disks and they seem super rare to find.

Thanks in advance.


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I never heard about the transfer of the OS of LP2000 from WinNT to WinXP and I doubt that it will work.
Better to find a one-core simplest PC and have it controlled by the OS prescribed by the manufacturer.
It is not a problem to find A1.
We have ALL software for all minilabs. Almost all.
Just send me an
Also, I would recommend using MS01 v.3.1 for your lab.
Much better.
One software for the whole equipment items: Basic software, FMPC software etc.
To MS01 you always buy different optional modules to have 6 frames viewed on the PC screen, ID photo, etc.

Please send me a private message where I will try to describe what you need.
or email me at: info@minilablaser.com

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Thanks but it is the SP2000 PC I need to update.

I already use MS on a PC at another location which receives scans from the SP2000 via Ethernet NOT Fire wire.

I want to replace the old PC that runs the SP2000, if I cannot acquire A1 software for my scanner then I will have to try and clone the old PC to a new PC

Thanks again.

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You can upgrade SP2000 computer, but new computer should work on NT4. Have disable autorun, find all drivers and only then run software. Software designed for NT4, so do not think that it will work on latter Windows. 

To run SP-2000 you need A1 software. MS01 ( version 3.1 or version 4.2 ) will be used just to transfer files to server. Only SP-3000 and SP-500 has MS software modules, which can work instead A1. 

Before experiments go to Fuji menu and make scanner backup there. Backup can make only to floppy, or any disk named "A" ( USB, shared folder and etc ) . Only then you will be protected - if something wrong can recover all. Settings are stored on scanner and computer. When you make backup - you have them.

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Just to be clear, I wish to use the SP2000 stand alone with no printer attached.
I currently have the SP2000 export files onto an other PC running MS over Ethernet.

Do I only need to install FE software on the SP2000?
I don't need A1 do I? this is for connecting to a 350/70 etc?



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A1 is necessary for SP-2000. Doesn't matter how it will be connected - with minilab, or stand alone. It is working interface. A1 do not need if to connect Fuji 350, 370 without scanner.

Export, correction and other software can use FDIA, FE, or MS. Need one of them. FDIA, FE and MS are packet names ( not exact software ) . Can use modules from them ( for example for export C4/C5 software from FDIA packet ) .

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