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E-2530 on Frontier 370

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Hello there. We have been around here since 2014 and here we are now. The E-2530 has been popping up since 3 days ago. Luckily it only stops us during morning upkeep check. We have been clearing it by blowing air to the upper and lower cutter, blowing air to the print area and last but not least, rewinding both paper magazines, closing the door and initializing again. So far the error only pops again when he have to open the top door at the print section.

We have not opened up the machine to check the LDD220 PCB (i think that is the name) and see if there is some dust on the connectors, but i am afraid that the E-2530 is the beginning of something worst. Is the LDD220 easy to acquire? Is it costly? So far the Frontier 370 has been handling soundly after 7 years and i hope that it lasts longer.

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Correct board name is LDD20. It can be repaired, if really faulty. Also have full working LDD20 board.

Many reasons can cause E-2530 - opened door, faulty door sensor, connection error or disconnection between PWA5 on DC power supply unit and LDD1 on LDD20 circuit board, connection error or disconnection between PWA4 on DC power supply unit and AOM driver, connection error or disconnection between AOM driver and FMC5 on FMC20 circuit board, DC power unit malfunction, AOM driver malfunction, FMC20 circuit board malfunction, or LDD20 circuit board malfunction. First have to find what really doesn't work and only after that have replace it.

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