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EZ controller for Green II only doesn't exist. Ez controller is universal software and there can be connected any dry printer made by Noritsu.

Version 7.00 is not the latest. After version 6.50 where 6.60, 6.70, 6.71, 6,72, 6.80, 6.81, 7.00 and 7.20 . Not so many changes since 6.50. 6.50 was designed to work on W8, but it perfectly works on W10. Version 6.60 and latter designed to work on W10. Version 6.70 and latter have different instillation interface ( with automatic configuration and instillation ) . Other changes :
Added support for new camera Raw images
The order of the file in the file selection screen has been changed.
The processed order's data now can be saved or read.
The initial value of some functions of image processing has changed.
Antivirus software upgraded

It's now possible to set Print channels automatically.
Saving and reading Print channels are now possible.
Dedicated for Smart Picture Creation, 200 print channels are added from No. 701 to No. 900
It is possible to get channel auto setting of the print channels dedicated for Smart Picture Creation.
It is now possible to hold top and bottom information of the image in the attached Exif information when media output (JPEG output) is performed.

Printer Setting button is added to the Functions in Controller Main Display ( duplicated ) 
On the Shortcut Function display, it is now possible to register the Paper Setting Menu display of dry printers as getting it on Shortcut Function display.

For Noritsu Green II also upgraded system software. On Windows 10 works system software version 4.01 ( it is 7.01 on D1005HR ) .

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