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Konica R1 Standalone Scanner


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Hello! I'm trying to open a film lab and one of the greatest difficulties I've encountered has been finding a professional scanner. The Noritsu LS-600, LS-1100 & Fuji SP500 or SP3000/HS-1800 are way out of my price range, so I've been trying to find out more about the Konica DP-1000. 

I've managed to wrangle some sample scans out of a local lab and I'm trying to purchase the scanner off of them. However, they still need the printer to work and thus the computer the scanner is attached to. However, I'm hoping I can clone the computer's hard drive for the software and only buy the scanner to use standalone. 

My questions are:

  • Does the input section of the Konica R1 work without the scanner attached?
  • If I mirror the HDD of the Windows 2000 scanner computer, can I use the scanner standalone?
  • If I disconnect the scanner from the Windows 2000 computer, can the digital printing features still be used? Does the Konica software work without the scanner?

Your help and expertise are priceless. Thank you.

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Yes, R1 can work without scanner. Have turn off scanner on Konica software and can disconnect it. Of course can print only digital files. 

Can use scanner standalone on Windows XP, Windows 2000. Even on W7 x86 it should work. To run software you need dongle. It is on original computer, but they need it also.

If on workstation is version 2 you will have missing printer error, if try to run stand alone scanner. It is not problem - I know how to bypass it. Also can make dongle to run second computer. Into dongle can enter more options, than you have now. Can add all options, which can find on Konica R3. All these options can be added into R1 and R2. If you have empty dongle I can program it online. Contact, if need something.

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Each workstation need dongle. When scanner and minilab are separately you need two workstations ( one for printer and other for scanner ) . 

Might be they have empty dongle. Optional software where supplied with additional dongle. When licence transferred into main dongle it becomes empty. I can program it. Could be dongle from Any ch reg, Caption Edit, CD-R , Digital-ICE, HCDR-A,  ICC, LUT select, Print-Driver, Printer tone setup, Red eye, Scale adjustment, Tone customize

To empty dongle can add main licence ( to run software ) and any optional modules. All can do online.

If you can't get empty dongle I have them. I can add main software and options you need and send dongle to you. When you have second dongle you can run two working stations.

By the way - if someone need can make additional workstation, which can be connected to existing minilab. Just need install R-EZ software and plug in dongle with R-EZ licence and optional modules. Have these dongles also.

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Hi,  I'm running a photolab and planning to buy a complete R1. I have a few question, maybe somebody can answer these to me in here, that would be a huge help:)

is there any 120film and pocketfilm mask for the scanner as mine doesn't have it

what do you think about the tabs supply? It is produced by Tetenal, but what if they stop the production? Is there any possibilities to swithch something else?

is there any possibilities to somehow connect the scanner to a computer with a  higher  op system?

I was wondering about the quality of the scanner. How is it comparing for a same age  Noritsu ?

Thanks guys!

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Hello. Probably I can answer your questions.

R1 series minilabs are R1-1000 and R1-1400. Can be J ( tablet replenishment ) and SQA ( liquid replenishment ) . 

With standard carrier can scan only 135 films. There is optional automatic film carrier for APS film. Do not need it - APS ( 240 film ) is rare. Also on  Konica scanner can use universal carrier with exchangeable masks. There are APS mask, slide mount mask,  110 mask and 120 masks ( 6 x 4.5, 6 x 6, 6 x 7, 6 x 8, and 6 x 9 ) . universal carrier model and mask model depends on scanner. It can be DS-1000, DS-1010, DS-2000, DS-2010 and FS-3000. 

Only two companies made tablets. They where Konica and Tetenal. Konica long time ago quit photo business. Last year Tetenal had bankruptcy and doesn't exist anymore. New Tetenal was created. Do not see plans to make tablets. Sellers still have tablets. I heard that New Tetenal makes tablets for big re-sellers, if order in advance.Do not know is it true, or not. Tablets not a problem. All tablet minilabs easy can be converted to use liquid chemicals. Just need use chemicals for fast process. All companies make them. 

I installed Konica scanner on W10. Also tested on W7. Screenshot with W10 can see on this forum :

R1 scanner has the same age as QSS30 scanner. If compare them - Konica is better. Konica scanner has LED light source and Noritsu use lamp. Konica scanners are quite reliable. Very rare had to repair something there.

I have the latest Konica software ( version 2 ) . If want can help convert from tablet to liquid replenishment. I can online program Konica dongles. Can make dongles for  R1 Super, R1 Super 1400, R2 Super 700, R2 Super 1000, R3 Super 1000, DS-3000, R-EZ ( additional workstation ) , HCDR-2 and HCDR-B. Also can be added additional options ( Any ch reg, Caption Edit, CD-R, D-ICE,  HCDR-A, ICC, LUT select ,  P-Driver, Printer tone setup, Red eye, Scale adjustment and Tone customaize . Options online can add into your dongle, into empty dongle. Also can program my dongle and send it. Some options can be used only on software version 2. On Konica can add long print option. Then on Konica can print 491 mm length ( instead standard 382 mm ) . Can help transfer from old computer ( running Windows 2000, or Windows XP ) into new ( running W7, or W10 ) . Instillation can be done online.

Write private message, if need something.



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Hi all fellow lab owners.

I hope you wiser guys out there can help me.

I have this Konica R1 for 20 years. Now my input station computer is not booting up. The monitor screen doesn't come on.

All i need to do is to use the Konica scanner to scan negatives.

Please suggest what should i do? How to setup to scan?

Looking forward to your reply. 

Take care


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Hello. Can help to install your scanner on any computer. All can do online ( using internet ) . On computer can be any 32 bit Windows ( even W10 PRO 32 bit ) . Need use 32 bit, because scanner and dongle drivers are only for 32 bit systems. Dongle can be bypassed, but impossible connect scanner without driver. 
Write private message, if interested.

Konica W10.jpg

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Nothing to help there. Just need to have D-ICE option on dongle ( 2A1 menu ) and need enable digital ice on software. Then you see digital ICE logo on main window. Look my screenshot  above. There this option see on computer running W10.
If digital ice missing on dongle ( 2A1 menu ) then I can add it. Can do it online. Also can add other options :
1. Any ch reg ( this option works only on version 2 ) 
2. Caption Edit 
3. CD-R 
4. D-ICE 
6. ICC ( this option works only on version 2 ) 
7. LUT select ( this option works only on version 2 ) 
8. P-Driver 
9. Printer tone setup ( this option works only on version 2 ) 
10. Red eye 
11. Scale adjustment ( this option works only on version 2 ) 
12. Tone customaize ( this option works only on version 2 )
These options for R3, but can be installed on R1 and R2.

Write private message if need to add these options, install on new computer, add long length ( 491 mm instead standard 381 mm )  , or convert minilab to liquid replenishment.


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With R3 usually used FS-3000T scanner. With R2 - DS-2000E, or DS2001E, R1 - DS-1000, DS-1010E. The same software for all models. On dongle can be entered the same optional modules. Main licence depends on minilab model ( R1 Super, R1 Super 1400, R2 Super 700, R2 Super 1000, R3 Super 1000 ) . The latest scanner driver ( version ) is for all scanners also. On Windows scanners identified as FSC (FSC-3671-300) , or RD5 (RD5-3671-400).
Scanner and dongle drivers - only for 32 bit. Dongle can be bypassed ( can run without dongle ) , but driver for scanner is necessary. That is the reason, why have to use W10 32 bit. Software is possible to run on 64 bits, but scanner without driver can't be connected.

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To R2 usually connected  DS-2000, DS-2001, DS-2000E, DS-2001E . Model depends on region which minilab model ( R2-700, or R2-1000 ) . DS-1000,  DS-1000U, DS-1000T used with R1.

Scanning quality depends how scanner is adjusted - focus, color balance, uniformity and etc. Each scanner will scan different, so ask samples your seller.

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