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DL430 Software & Setup Training


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Dear All Members,

We are new to this forum and are seeking assistance please.  We have just purchased the Fuji DL430 with working XP Pc's and disks and as it is, the system is working ok. 

The problem we have is that it is XP and on old workstations, which won't last forever.  We have built a win10 Pro x64 machine with vmware virtual XP running on it but the software discs that we were given will not install, they keep coming back with various errors.

We purchased the equipment from Photomatters in Torquay, Devon, we too are in Torquay Devon.  We are looking for some valuable help in making a second working machine plus training on how to use the software to its full potential.

The software installed already on the workstation is MS-01 if that is of any help.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks in advance .



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Hello. If you want to print on Windows 10 x64 can offer Noritsu software. Can install with RIP computer ( as it is installed now ) , or just use one computer. 

Might be this DL-430 is former Morrisons printer. Last year they quit photo printing and gave all printers for company from Runcorn. They sold these printers very  cheap. I installed about 50 these printers. Most of them using Noritsu software.

I can offer both software - Fuji and Noritsu. The latest Fuji software can be installed only on W7 x86 ( 32 bit ) . Noritsu software can be used on W10 x64. Fuji software very old. It was updated long time ago and will not be any updates in the future. Noritsu printing interface was updated at the end of last year. System software was updated two years ago, but it was designed for W10 x64. Noritsu software has optional module to print duplex ( on sheet paper ) .

Fuji and Noritsu software have many optional modules. Have them all also.

If need can help to install printer using Fuji, or Noritsu software. Can do it online. If you from London, or near from here can do all on-site. Can be installed on real Windows, or on Virtual box. Write private message, if need something.

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You have choose software, which is better for you. I just wrote possibilities. Personally I and the most my customers prefer Noritsu software. It is modern, upgraded and can work on any Windows ( even W10 x64 PRO ) . Only few customers chose Fuji software and I installed it on W7 x86 ( 32 bit ) . Software can install remotely - without going to you. All will take few hours. I know these printers very well and can explain what you can do to make print quality better. Write private message, if interested. Then we can discuss about all. 

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