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Fuji LP 7500 densitometer (#2003) perform the setup again

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You have very old software ( Frontier-printer version 2.10, or earlier ) .  Old #2003 error is equiv with error 06203-00003 . This number displayed on Fuji printer version 3.1 and 4.0 ( the latest for Fuji LP7xxx ) .

06203-00003 means the Dmax of the measured daily setup print was 3.8 or more, and the daily setup Dmax data for 15 days did not change consecutively day by day and changed suddenly. Look print and check colorimeter. How to check all see the setup print judgment flow at the daily setup ( on service manual ) .

If need - I have Fuji printer version 4. This version is the latest, but very old. If you want can use Noritsu software. Then latest printer version - 19.0 and all can work on W10 x64. Have all Noritsu software and know how to install on Fuji.

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Post daily setup colorimeter readings. Then can decide colorimeter plate is good, or bad.

If you want remove calibration plat remove colorimeter from minilab. On colorimeter you see small cover with white thumb screw. Remove it and there is calibration plate.

Also can be, that calibration plate is old. If it is plastic - it could change color during time and need replace it. Noritsu recommends replace plastic calibration plate after two years. Can use new ceramic calibration plate from Noritsu. Ceramic Calibration Plate unit B (with CD) has Noritsu p.n. Z028443-01 . Can find in many shops. Price 250 - 300 EUR. Do not need replace ceramic plate. It does change color and can be used without time limit.

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I cleaned the calibration plate, in fact it was dirty and yellowed, I redid the settings as per attached photos and it didn't give me more control (failed to set up correctly #2003) 

Thank you very much for your explanations, the next few days I will tell you if the problem has been solved






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When you uploaded test pictures now see that first test print is very green. Probably your G AOM driver, or G laser is faulty. Then you have big color changes between Green and Magenta. 

First replace AOM driver. The biggest possibility, that it is faulty and cause color changes. If it will not help - need repair Green laser head. Sorry, but it is typical fault on Fuji made by Noritsu.

If you need can repair AOM driver, or G laser head. Have in stock spare laser head and AOM drivers and can exchange with your faulty. Write private message, if need something.

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I answer to Minilab service, after cleaning the plate as Bakul advised me, I reset the paper and the densitometer for this the first is very green then after the usual three checks it was fixed, this morning I did as usual the daily check and everything went well, not like the first one that gave me the error (# 2003), I run the installation again) so I think he was right Bakul dirty calibration plate. Thanks anyway to all of you for advice and good work. 


Attached this morning check and some high quality prints.





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You didn't write that you reseted paper settings. It is normally, that it was green if you did it. Only when have color changes to green, or magenta itself then can be faulty AOM driver, or laser.

Your photo looks good now. Calibration plate is not very good, but still acceptable. It is normally that plastic has color changes during time. That's the reason why Noritsu advised change calibration plate after two years. Of course nobody do it. New calibration plate is ceramic and it has not life time limits.

On test prints see slightly yellowish and blurry color on light area. Sorry, but it is software problem and it was not solved on Fuji. To solve have use Noritsu software. This problem was solved on Noritsu version 12.

Noritsu made these updates 

Quality improvements : 1. highlight detail loss has been decreased, 2. the gradation from white to black has become smooth, 3. a different color appeared in a gradation from white (unexposed area) to a color can be corrected ( automatically and manually ) .

Other improvements : 1. clicking ''No'' for the message ''Would you like to set the Program Timer?'' shown during the Close Down Checks shows the confirmation message below, 2. the countermeasure against the message Output device is not available. is shown on the HELP , 3. the setup method and color management system can be switched, 4. the operability on various adjustment displays in the Printer Mechanical Adjustment mode has been improved, 5. the correction value of Arm Unit 1 Zigzagging Correction can be copied, 6. HELP can be accessed from the Error/Attention display shown when the system is set up from the maintenance application, when you check or change the program timer settings during the Close Down Checks, the currently configured day and time are shown on screen, 7. when performing each adjustment of Printer Mechanical Adjustment, an attention messages shown if printer doors are open, 78. a day of the week and time, which are configured in Program Timer Setting, to start solution temperature adjustment is shown on the Close Down Checks display.

Windows support upgrades : XP  →  Vista  → W7  → W7sp1  → W8  →W10

Updates for minilab boards ( I/F, printer, laser, processor ) 

Noritsu version 19 can be used on your Fuji. Do not need any hardware changes. Of course it can't be used on MS01 - instead it have use EZ controller.

Only few these updates are on Fuji version 3. Version 4 has only two updates - W7 x86 support and corrected one error text. Do not see any quality improvements on Fuji software ( because they were added on Norisu versions 7 and 12 ) . 

I have the latest Noritsu software ( printer software version 19, EZ controller 6.80 ) and can help transfer all from Fuji.

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Hello. Write me private private message and we can discuss about price there. Price depends what you can get yourself and what need from me.

I can install all using Teamviewer. Also can send files to you and you install yourself. I have the latest minilab system software ( version 19 ) , Ez controller ( 6.80 ) ,  latest paper profiles ( version 4.80 ) and all optional modules.

You can use any Windows - XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. Can use any computer.

Yes, I give installation guide and explain how to do all.

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@FOTOBINCI, Thank you for posting the prints, they look alright to me.

Small color differences can be further corrected by adjusting paper balance to obtain optimum prints. Change calibration plate only if what I suggested does not work anymore.

Glad I could help..



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Bakul, yes you right. Color differences can be corrected adding corrections on paper settings menu. Corrections will be applied, but only the same on whole print  ( dark, middle tone and light area ) . Sorry, but light area here can't be corrected separately. Only Noritsu software version 12 and all latter have this possibility. There on paper settings menu can be corrected whole print and on other menu additionally can be corrected light area ( automatically, or manually ) . Also on Noritsu software ( version 7 and latter ) highlight detail loss has been decreased and  the gradation from white to black has become smooth. If in short - on Noritsu before version 12 prints on light area where very bad. On  Fuji software these new corrections were not applied and all Fuji LP7x00 running Fuji software stil have this problem.

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Slightly off topic but related to this discussion. I have a Noritsu 3501. It's the earlier non-plus version so it doesn't use EZ Controller. I was wondering if there is any newer software that gives me these same improvements? Am I stuck with Windows 2000 on this machine?

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If you have QSS3501 then latest system software version is 12.0. All versions are for Windows 2000 PRO. The latest version can be installed on Windows XP, but do not see reason why to use it. Windows 2000 PRO Embedded ( installed from recovery CD )  is more stable, than Windows XP.

QSS3501 has older laser ( B has AOM driver ) , so white balance adjustment menu not used there. 

On QSS3501 can print from external computer, where installed EZ controller. To EZ controller can connect QSS3101-1 and all latter ( QSS32, QSS33, QSS34, QSS35 ) . Then can print pictures even from W10 x64 PRO. On internal minilab computer will be old Windows, but this computer will be only for maintenance and for scanner ( if you have it ) . If want scanner can convert to USB, connect to EZ controller directly and scan from new computer. Write private message, if want to get more details.

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