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Fuji LP 7500 densitometer (#2003) perform the setup again

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Hello. 06082-00510 means for a setup, the R Dmax setting value is out of allowable range. Can be dirty calibration plate, or it is old. You told, that cleaned calibration plate and it didn't help, so you need change calibration plate.

Plastic calibration plate has time limit. Noritsu recommended timing of replacement - each 2 years. Now Noritsu makes ceramic calibration plate and it has not time limit. So buy ceramic calibration plate. If compare with plastic ceramic calibration plate has different shape, but they are exchangeable.

Can be bad calibration data, but possibility very low ( because have only Red error ) . Try to confirm from service menu, but do not think, that it help you.

When calibration plate is bad on measurement results can see very big density. If on results see black more than 2.2 ( on professional papers more than 2.4 ) then calibration plate is bad and need to change it. One my customer had about 4. When replaced calibration plate it went to 2.3 and printer started to print photo with correct profile.

It is possible to use calibration plate, which is bad. Just need using professional colorimeter  make new calibration plate data file and load it on minilab. Of course the best is to buy new ceramic plate ( with data CD ) and use it. 

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06903-00002 means serial communication error. There was a communication error between the colorimeter and processor control pcb. First check colorimeter unit connector. Remove unit from processor, clean, spray contacts and put back. Maybe after that have not error. If not - check all other connectors. The same error can see, when faulty processor power supply 2, colorimeter unit, colorimeter head, processor control pcb, or processor I/O PCB 1.

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