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Software Kodak Picture Kiosk

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g3c.png.307fccd730271e20b2f342862ef3019f.png                                       IMG-20190130-WA0007.thumb.jpg.137f855e9fa8f8e71ccc74d7c7ff7467.jpg

Software KPK 8.0 sp1 and KPK+ 6.0 (wide screen)

The version includes:

- Download link of the kodak software version (ISO Files) and drivers (depending on the model of your kiosk), located in the cloud Dropbox, Onedrive and Googgle Drive.

- Step by step manual to install and configure the kodak software.

- Remote help service during the entire installation and configuration process of kodak software.

- With your purchase you can repair how many kiosks Kodak owns, without depending on the technicians.

The software is configured so that it can be installed on any PC (even if it is not a kodak kiosk) and all functions work 100%.

For your purchase before December 31, 2019 you get a discount of 30% of the total price of the service.

Have your kodak kiosk produce all the time. Make a kodak kiosk with any PC.

Contact: servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com





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