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error 263 LED 20P DMA timeot

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from service manual, software error code up to no. 219 (or 255 max.).  No. error 263 was in the book . .  .   BUT  I have no doubt you have an error 263

"DMA" could mean  [ Direct Memory Access ] . . . They are many RAMs standing on PCB-100

Suggestions :   

1) clean all RAM contacts, reseat RAMs

2) dust clean all PCB-100, 200 & 300 on top of printer..    check outputs from the metal shoe box power supplies at the printer back.  Good Luck !

Good LUCK to   Servmanmex  . . . . .   Are you from Mexico  ? ?    

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does error come up after printer power up and before print ?     [ A ]     or

error comes up only when you start a print ?  [ B ]

IF [ A ]   check power supplies from the printer back near the ground, the metal box heavy Power Supply.

IF [ B ]   could be  everything . . .PCB100-FEE, PCB200-PEC, PCB-300-OPC,   stator cable,   print head or Rotor ( or latest DISK ROTOR),  metal box Power supply

Is your LED Rotor   type 2     or     machine had already been upgraded to latest [ DISK Rotor + Print Head ] before ?

Can send me email to discuss more / sharing photos  . . .  my email address   davidlam@sinopromise.com, David Lam, Hong Kong

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