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Paper jam in dryer rack.


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Recently had a tech out, we went over the machine and I replaced several worn out rollers to resolve a jam that was caused by worn out rollers.

Today it is printing out mostly fine with my regular paper. I move to print on another paper type, use both Kodak Ektacolor, 10 inch as well as occasionally a Fujifilm Pearl paper, 10 inch. The pearl paper is thicker and this is the one I am constantly getting paper jams with. I took a few shots of the area where it is jamming up and unsure how to resolve this fully.

I've ran several thousand prints on the one paper type without a hitch, its the thicker that keeps jamming up right as its nearing the exit on the dryer rack.

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I would suggest you take out the WHOLE dryer rack on a table, manually feed the Pearl paper into it . . . to see. . .where cause the paper jam


Compare why Kodak paper won't jam at that location . . . check all roller foam, gears, roller bushings etc. (basic check). I understand some of the rollers are VERY HIDDEN inside the rack

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I have pulled the rack and watched precisely where the paper snags at where it exits out of the printer, the foam roller there has a solid mark where prints are occasionally hitting on it, verified repeatedly as it jammed up in the same spot several times, than I pulled it and did as suggested. . The lane splitter is the other area where it catches the thicker paper. I've called the tech and am waiting for a reply. 

Thank you.

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