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Software is on workstation, which was connected to this scanner and some minilab. On workstation is firewire card, which have use to connect your scanner. You need this firewire card.  Take this workstation, where you got scanner. To run software you need USB licence dongle. It is on the same computer. If computer still used ( they use it with printer ) then just remove farewire card ( it is not used without scanner ) and make HD image file. Then you can make other workstation.

I have software, where you can connect scanner. ( version 1.03 ) . Also have upgrade to version 1.30 and version 2 ( the latest ) .
Also have software ( version 2 ) , which do not need to install. Have put on computer and run it. To use software you need dongle. If you have empty dongle I can program it online ( using Teamvierer ) . If have not dongle - I have them. Software can work on Windows 2000 PRO, or Windows XP ( 32 bit only ) . Write private message, if need something.

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On 2/10/2020 at 11:55 PM, Minilab service said:

Fireware card used on Konica workstation - Buffalo IFC-ILP4  ( IFC-ILP4/DV ) . Board marked 29931401-01000 . This is firewire card with three external ports and one internal. On Konica workstation used only one port, where connected scanner. Chip - Viatech ( VIA Technologies, Inc )  VT6306 .

Can u tell me how to make usb dongle please  ? I already have software for it .

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Dongle you should have. It is not USB key ( where stored files ) , but special dongle from Konica. On this dongle should be licence for Konica R2 ( minilab model where was connected scanner ) . On dongle can be additional licences ( for example digital ice ) .
If you have Konica dongle and it is empty I can add licences online. If have not any dongle - have buy it. I have these dongles and can enter any licenses there. Write private message, if need something.

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