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Driver Mac/Win Fujifilm DE100

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Fujifilm does not supply driver for the DE100. I have ordered them by a German Company. Version: (4-4-2019)

I'd like to know what version is most recent and a place where I can download most recent drivers.

Anyone who can help me?

Also Firmware Fujifilm DX100, as far as I know, most recent version is CP417J5 (driver version

thanks in forward!

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If to use MSP80 then do not need driver. For DE100 saw only three version drivers - version embedded on MSP80 , version 1.3.1, version 1.4.1 and version 1.4.2.

Yes, for DX100 was released new driver with firmware CP417J5, but driver is for MAC. I have it, but need to use MAC to upgrade printer firmware. Also possible from .dmg  file extract CP417J5.UPG and write batch file to upgrade printer on Windows. For Windows have driver 4.6.1. Not sure, which firmware version there. Hope CP417J5 also.

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Thanks Maxi,

Yes I think CP417J5 is with windows driver 4.6.1, Printer is updated after installing this windows driver, and indeed, mounting dmg from new DX100 mac driver, gives CP417J5.UPG firmware. Tryed to upgrade through Service Utility, but service utility gives communication errors with me. So the risk is to great to upgrade that way, for the moment.

So I think this is the most recent firmware for DX100.

Hopely someone have a url to most recent files for DE100 and DX100 to check regurarely.

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