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Thanks once again,we are on a one of two islands in the Meditterenean  9 miles  long, population 35,000 near Italy,the people who sold the laser where helpull   2 years ago  when i bought it and helped me to install it with hiccups ... now ..... ??? I have been googling around to see whether i can buy a used pcb ,but mine is J391270 version) but i found Noiritsu J390919, i do not know wheter is compatable??The machine has been idle since August, and i cannot loose the rest of the remaing clients. One thing i may ask,i noticed the red laser is always lit (very dimm ) is it normal, and also should i try  update laser data... ??? just a thought, perhaps its nonsense, i apreciate your help strange that no one has experienced this... in a way i feel glad that it is so.appreciate your response .. thanks

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You can use J390919 as well (the difference is to do with ROHS compliance, the later J391270 is ROHS compliant the older J390919 is not).

I would say the red laser being lit very dim all the time is normal, my guess is it's done to reduce the warm up time to print after the machine has been idle. You don't appear to have any cyan fogging so I wouldn't be concerned about it.

You have nothing to loose in upgrading the software for the laser control PCB, and loading in old backup data. Just make a backup of what you have now, just in case of any problems.

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