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Here all what I needed. Your minilab and workstation work, but you have not LAN connection between them. 

Test network on workstation computer. To workstation connect some other computer, where set similar IP ( for example ) and standard mask ( ) . 
Try to run ping both sides.
On workstation computer press Start, run, type " ping -t " and pres Enter. Your workstation computer should see new computer and shouldn't be errors.
On other computer press Start, run, type " ping -t " and pres Enter. Your other computer should see new computer and shouldn't be errors.

If have errors - try replace LAN cable. There should be Ethernet crossover cable.

If still have errors - your workstation LAN card doesn't work. Use PCI Ethernet card and set static address for it ( IP and mask ) . Then run ping again. If all OK - connect workstation computer to minilab and try to run ping again ( ping -t ) . 

If workstation computer works, but still do not see minilab computer then can be bad network settings on minilab computer, or not working LAN card. On minilab computer installed Linux, so you need to ask someone, who know this system.

If on Linux IP and mask correct ( and ) then LAN card doesn't work. Can add PCI - LAN card and enter static address for it ( and ) . To install new card driver and set IP you need ask to help someone, who understand Linux ( RedHat Linux V9.0 ) .

On R2 minilab computer and workstation computer used the same motherboard. Sorry, but on these motherboards not working LAN is typical fault. It is easy to add new LAN adapter on workstation ( Windows 2000, or Windows XP ) , but not so easy to do it on Linux computer.

Before making experiments use Norton Ghost 11.5.1 ( can find it on Hiren’s Boot CD 10.6 and older ) and make HD image files for minilab computer and workstation. This way you save all and have not risk to destroy something.

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