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Kodak PK G4XLII with Image from G4XL - different devices change in KPK-Software


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Hello dear specialists,

i bought a KPK G4XLII verry cheap at ebay. To get the machine ready, i was able to copy the system from my old KPK G4XL to the new G4XLII without having a bluescreen :) . All drivers are ready in windows and the new KPK on the new mashine runs like a bee. (KPK+ V6.0)

But now i have the issue, that some small devices in the new KPK G4XLII are different to the other mashine, like the Bluetooth-Chip, or the reciept-printer. Do you know a possibility to change these devices in the KPK-Software to the new hardware? (drivers are in windows ready - but not in the kpk-software) - the Version is KPK+ V6.0.


And another small question: the G4XLII has a USB Stick on the left side - the "Config-Stick"  For what is this USB-drive? May somebody can explain this for me.


Thanks a lot for your help in advance.

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Hi, There is a misconception that copying the hard drive of the kodak kiosk is the ultimate goal when installing it on another computer. Kodak technicians and programmers made sure that much of the kodak hardware was linked to the software, so expanding a copy of the hard drive on another computer initially seems to work, but much of the hardware will not be correct (although in Windows it is well recognized ) either by kodak enablers or by changes in Windows registries. For example not only bluetooth can be unrecognized but also card readers, front usb port, etc. As they are not recognized by the software, many functions of the kiosk will not be enabled and will not work as we wish.

Contact: servicios.tecnomatica@gmail.com 

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