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Noritsu QSS32 chemistry Tetenal vs Kodak LORR

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Hi, in the Czech Republic there is a problem with the delivery of Kolak LORR chemicals, the supplier tells me that Tetenal has the same composition as Kodak LORR chemicals Did anyone switch to Tetenal chemistry? and did you clean the machine or just started refilling Tetenal chemistry?

what brand and paper do you use?

Thanks for reply Zdenek

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Tetenal produces very good quality chemicals.
When we had labs in the past, we often used it when we had delays in the supply of Kodak chemicals.
Yes, you can add it directly to the refill tanks and I hope you won't have any problems.
At least we didn't.
Ideally, a better will completely change the chemistry of one manufacturer.
So if Tetenal works well in your country, replace Kodak with it and get rid of the supply problems...

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