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Software for Konica R1 - clean install on a new PC


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The workstation of my Konica R1, which is still attached to the film scanner, died.
Since it's getting difficult to find a Pentium 4 setup in which I can just swap-in the hard drive, I would like to do a clean install on Windows XP (or a more recent version) on a newer setup, but I don't have any CD or anything to install the Konica software (I do have the USB dongle for the license, but there seems to be no install material on it)

Is there anywhere I can download the installer ?



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Stand alone Konica scanner can be installed on any computer. It perfectly works on new computers ( should have PCI slot for firewire board ) . On this computer can be installed W10, or W7. Screenshot can see here :
Write private message if need some help.


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