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fujifilm nc135y film feeding error after scanning 6 frames


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There’s been an issue with scanning on this carrier. I’ve observed that it jams when it stops at a certain frame to reposition itself for the following framing. The clutch closest to the back was replaced because it was over heating after so many tries. Anyone experienced this problem? 




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Do you have any other error ( for example W-1238 ) ?

W-1215 means negative feeding error occurred. Jamming detected in feeding film. Can be that cartridge malfunction or incorrect reattach of film trailing end, curly film or splice tape stuck to the film, or carrier I/O or electric system failure. Try wind film into intermediate cartridge or reattach it, correct curl or remove splice tape, calibrate sensors, check sensors, motors and solenoid from input check and output check.

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Everything was checked and calibrated. The second clutch was also replaced but still resulting to the same issue. It’s not actually after just 6 frames. It’s just when the carrier retracts the film to readjust to scan the following frame. Sometimes it’s the second or third frame. 

Nothing to do with the films curl or splice. That issue is recognized and understood. 

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