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Software de servicio para dl650

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1 hour ago, Minilab service said:

Įdomu ko čia klausi. Gal pats savęs. Puikiai žinau DL650, apuesta nesuprantu klausimo. Jei nori atsakymo - rašyk Angliškai.

I have a fault on the dl 650 and wanted to change the head, is there any software to remove the ink and make the adjustments later.

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On DL650 do not need any additional software. All are on maintenance interface and recovery utility ( it is on computer also ) . 

To remove ink you need draining cartridges. To drain ink use menu 0325 ( draining/washing ) . From the same menu can wash print-head ( need cleaning cartridges ) . Sometimes washing is enough to have good prints again. To clean printer also can use Epson print-head maintenance kit and cleaning sheet.

After print-head replacement all can do on recovery utility and maintenance menu. If need to enter password it is 7777.

Are you sure, that really need to replace print head? If the nozzle check pattern is not printed in two lines (for one head), replace the head controller board. If the check pattern is not printed at head 1 or 2 section - replace the head controller board B (DRV).  If the check pattern is not printed at head 3 to 6 section: - replace the head controller board A (DRV) .

DL650 print head has 6 elements and they are the same. Instead to replace print head unit ( with 6 elements ) is possible to change one element ( which doesn't work well ) . Fuji, or Epson doesn't sell them, but it is possible to find head elements online. The same elements used on Epson SL-D3000 and Fuji DL600 ( on DL600 print head - 5 elements ) .

More information can find on Fuji DL650 and Epson SL-D3000 DR manuals ( service manuals , instillation manual , part list ) .

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Printer maintenance utility should be on Start, Programs. It is the same interface, where is registered your printer. Select printer and press Maintenance.

There also should be recovery utility. What is your printer system software version? Old versions didn't have recovery utility. To have it need upgrade system software ( for example to version 3.0 ) .

DL650 maintenance.jpg

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All information you can find  on service manual. Look there.

DL650 print head layout is following :
Printhead 1 : Row A - Sky blue, Row B - Pink
Printhead 2 : Row C - Magenta, Row D - Cyan
Printhead 3 : Row E - Yellow, Row F - Black
Printhead 4 : Row G - Black, Row H - Yellow
Printhead 5 : Row I - Cyan, Row J - Magenta
Printhead 6 : Row K - Pink, Row L - Sky blue

Driver boards connected this way :
Board B (DRV)
CN21 - Printhead Row A, FFC: CN21-A
CN22 - Printhead Row B, FFC: CN22-B
CN23 - Printhead Row K, FFC: CN23-K
CN24 - Printhead Row L, FFC: CN24-L

Board A (DRV)
CN21 - Printhead Row I, FFC: CN21-I
CN22 - Printhead Row J, FFC: CN22-J
CN23 - Printhead Row G, FFC: CN23-G
CN24 - Printhead Row H, FFC: CN24-H
CN25 - Printhead Row E, FFC: CN25-E
CN26 - Printhead Row F, FFC: CN26-F
CN27 - Printhead Row C, FFC: CN27-C
CN28 - Printhead Row D, FFC: CN28-D

Here is print head layout



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