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Presence of Liquid in the Retention Vat

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Hi All,


I'm getting this error message in the chemistry section:

"Presence of Liquid in the Retention Vat"

Has anyone had this.  I think maybe the sensor for the Dev waste tank is not working.  The machine hasn't asked to pee in a long while and none of the replenishment pumps are functioning.  Machine is still printing though.

Any thoughts?

Take care,


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Got it!

The float switch on the developer effluent (waste) tank was not working.  We checked it with a VOM and it did not close the circuit when it was in the up position.  Since this wasn't signalling to empty the developer effluent tank we weren't emptying it (duh).

The developer effluent tank was spilling over into the retention vat which is the plastic tray (with the rubber stopper) under the internal paper feeder slide-out drawer.  The retention vat has a float switch in the back which deployed when the tank filled up.  That, in turn, signalled the machine to shut down the replenishment system and that is why the replenishment pumps weren't working.

We replaced the float switch in the developer effluent tank, drained and dried out the retention vat, and it's working again!  We could have just routed the developer effluent hose into a bucket and forgot about the switch but I had the part so I fixed it.


Good luck to all,


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