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Noritsu qs3201sd motherboard problem

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Hello all! I am new here, my name is João Carvalho and i live in Portugal,  my father has a qss3201sd from noritsu and now seems that the motherboard is dead, in Portugal and spain its not easy to find the part and technician tells that we can not use a diferent one from the original amd the cost will be arround 4.000 €, could you please help and confirm that is the only solution? Many thanks for your support!

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There is a white part number written on the PCB - looks like J123456-01...
Please provide and I will inform you the price for it in our database.
Unfortunately, QSS32 series have been discontinued and no more new boards available.
All we can do is to try to find the used one taken from the working before disassembling lab.

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The original motherboard is a Ricoh FB9

As an alternative you could upgrade the motherboard to a G31/G41 chipset core 2 Duo based motherboard instead.
You would need to replace the hard drive to a SATA type and load Windows 2000 and the software again though.

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On QSS3201 SD system software installed on PC-NRT-RS9 computer. There used Ricoh FB9 motherboard.  It has part number W411757, but would be waste of money to buy it.

Take some older motherboard, which has Windows 2000 drivers and use it. Motherboard should have PCI slot ( one, or more ) and real COM port ( can be internal connector, or external ) . On Noritsu also used floppy and LPT, but they on QSS3201 SD are not necessary. LPT is to connect capacity boosters and QSS3201 SD has not it. Floppy is to make backups ( by default ) , but from service mode can make backup where you want. Can use motherboards with G45, G41, G31 and similar chipsets. Standard Windows 2000 supports only two cores and 4 GB RAM. If to use modded Windows 2000 then can be used newer motherboards ( with 1150 or 1151 chipset ) , processors with more cores and more RAM.

Just on BIOS select HD IDE mode, install Windows 2000 and there can install Noritsu software. To install software you need minilab backup, so do not format old HD. Backup can get from there.

Ricoh FB9 also used on many other minilabs. If you prefer to use original board can get it from disassembled QSS31, QSS32, QSS33 and QSS34 series minilabs, where used PC-NRT-RS1, PC-NRT-RS3, PC-NRT-RS5, PC-NRT-RS6, PC-NRT-RS8, PC-NRT-RS9 computers.

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