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Noritsu makes these film processors. It is Noritsu  QSF-V30P. So converted film processors are the same, as original. There installed QSF-V30P system software, used different motor, different reducer and added speed adjustment circuit. All other - the same as on standard QSF-V30. 

Original circuit has rotary switch with four positions and potentiometer. 
First position - standard development time ( film in CD - 3 min 15 sec.) .
Second position - film in CD 3 min 45 sec.
Third position - film in CD 4 min 15 sec.
Fourth position - time is adjustable using external potentiometer ( time in CD from  minimum to maximum ) .
Can be used rotary switch with more positions and can change standard times ( using internal potentiometers ) .

Noritsu  QSF-V30P. has the same processor, which is on standard Noritsu  QSF-V30. Chemicals, temperatures and replenishment rates can use, which you need to process exact films.

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Can you go into more depth about changing the internal potentiometers and in what way to make conversion possible? Would it be possible to make these potentiometer programmable so films with different development time could be developed correctly?

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All explained quite clear. Film processor has rotary switch. When rotate switch it choose different internal potentiometers, or external potentiometer. Rotating speed depends how these potentiometers are adjusted. Processing time in developer can see on film processor LCD.

I wrote standard processing times. Yes, you can adjust internal potentiometers to get processing times, which you need. If need to increase, or decrease times can calibrate them again. With external potentiometer always can set new time. Before processing can set time in developer, insert film and process it.

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