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I have a 350 frontier LP1500 connected to a fronted and then to an FMPC.
I am looking for a connection information between fronted and FPMC. Would a person have a picture of the screen as I have attached. I want to compare because my fronted no longer sends the photographs to the FMPC.
This window can be found in maintenance/output devices /system configuration.

In the list on the left I can't find my machine, do you have another name written under Diskwriter?

I have a second LP7700 machine and the name of the machine is written underneath the diskwriter in the same window.
I hope you understand me and that you can help me.

thank you

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On your screenshot no added printers. From the same menu load MS01 backup, made when all worked. All should be restored and system should work well.

If FMPC software installed new then on left box need select LP1500 and press Add. Then LP1500 will be added on right box. During instillation need choose correct configuration ( FMPC, or tethered printer ) and choose printer ( scanner ) model.

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