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I am in process of purchasing a Noritsu 3011 that has unusual low click count and I wanted to know if there is a way to verify the click count and hours used, in the software ? in the service mode? on a reboot ? Hidden Menu ?


Many Thanks


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Do not look at the counter.
Take a close look at the condition of the rollers, lasers etc.
Counter is easy to cheat.
30 series labs are very reliable and very cheap now. 
You can find the lab in decent condition for a couple of thousands USD.

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Hace 5 horas, Yustas dijo:

No mires el mostrador.
Echa un vistazo de cerca a la condición
de los rodillos, láseres, etc. Contador es fácil de engañar.
Los laboratorios de la serie 30 son muy fiables y muy baratos ahora.
Usted puede encontrar el laboratorio en buenas condiciones por un par de miles de DÓLARES.

You have to check laser and rollers, not the counter, because the most important is the laser that is in good condition.
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