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R2 super 700 compact , i need to know INK specs please , what INK it uses ... and everything about it .


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2 hours ago, Minilab service said:

There not ink. Here minilab with chemicals ( developer, bleach - fix and stabilizer ) . On minilab used fast process. Replenishment using liquid chemicals, or tablets ( Ecojet - made by Tetenal ) .

can u tell me how it works exactly .


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Process similar what have to do, when make prints at home. In the dark room ( can be not strong red light ) need expose paper then put into developer ( to develop print )  , put into bleach-fix ( to remove silver and have white )  ,  put into stabilizer ( washing liquid ) , dry and you have color photo. How photo processed read :
Process used on Konica R2 700 processor is called CPK-22, CPK-2-22 ( when liquid replenishment from many makers ) and CPK-23 ( when replenishment using tablets made by Tetenal )  . Replenishment depends on processor type ( J - Ecojet, or SQA - liquid replenishment ) .

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