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Noritsu 430 Power Issues - USA vs Australia

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Open circuit diagram, which was uploaded for you. There look at page "power source circuit". Few circuits there. You need "single phase two wires" circuit ( 1P2W ) .

Need change only terminal connections ( Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 on circuit. All should be connected as it is on diagram ( single phase two wires circuit ) . On terminals TR1 and TR2 will be 230 V and on terminal T3 - about 100 V ( from TR2 ) . Do not need change anything else. Part of film processor uses 230 V and other part - 100 V ( terminal T3 , voltage between wires U and V ) .

TR1 is not connected directly, but through board and fuse. Leave it connected as it is now. TR1 from TR2 get 100 V through board and fuse. All can see on other circuit diagram page ( where is TR1 and see noise filter NF1 with connected wires U and V ) .

Do you use transformer, or auto transformer? If auto transformer then look from which side voltage is closer to 100 V. Use this side as common auto transformer wire.

If electrician doesn't understand this simple connection then he is not technician and not electrician. Find other, because this one can destroy your film processor.

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16 hours ago, Graeme said:

Firstly my electrician is not technician so please bare with us...

Powering up the New Transformer

1/. Do we need to connect the 100V from the new TR2 the the circuit breaker on the side or straight to TR1?

If connecting to TR1 where are the terminals

2/. The 240 live and neutral coming from the terminal block the the contactors X11 and X12, does anything else have to change to 240V inside the machine


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On 3/31/2021 at 1:28 AM, Dave S said:

The above advice is incorrect, you Definitely need a 100V transformer (TR2) for the 430L-3 (U) in a 230/240V country, without it, it will go bang!

The output of the transformer connects to the black and white wires that go to the noise filter input, (marked V & U in the manual) See page 81 in the linked manual.

The wiring diagram is on page 138 of the manual that photocorp kindly linked 430 Manual The dryer heater wiring will also need to be changed from 100V to 230/240V specification, also shown on page 138.

Looking at your photo Single Phase 2 wires (1 Phase 2 wires) would be the easiest option as your machine doesn't have the terminal 2 block.

R on the diagram is the thick Red wire. S on the diagram is the thick Black wire. The breaker switch will need to be re-wired on your machine as shown on the wiring diagram.

The machine requires a 20A supply when connected as 240V single phase.



Thanks.... I can only assume your pointing to these earlier comments... ??

With the reply cut short I had to go back through every comment to try and find a match with words.

Because the answers have been coming through in bits and pieces its a matter of matching up the bits to find out what to actually get my electrician to do..

Now it appears the answer was here all along but got lost amongst everything else..

**There is nothing wrong with my electrician... he is just being super cautious since he has never worked on one of these machines before

Moreso with the misinformation we were getting from the supplier before coming here for help...

(SIX electricians before I found this one just walked away not willing at all to even touch this job... at least Stuart is keen to try and help out)


Unfortunately what seems completely simple and straight forward to you, can be a little confusing when the answers are not set out as a clear Step 1, 2, 3...

Connect to F7 fuse and so on ... is great except in locating that fuse and finding it in the middle of the circuit board, it seemed obvious to ask where to connect the wires to as the wires would surely not connect straight to the circuit board itself..   NOW it seems the answer was buried amongst the older replies, which I hope I have now located??               

But lack of information confirming these are the actual steps to take.. still leaves me very hesitant..!!








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Nothing need connect to fuse F7. Everything what needed already connected there. I just wrote, where this 100 V will be connected.

All you need to change is film processor input circuit. Open circuit diagram, which was uploaded for you. There look at page "power source circuit". Few circuits there. You need "single phase two wires" circuit ( 1P2W ) . Need change only terminal connections ( Terminal 1, Terminal 2 and Terminal 3 on circuit.

Just connect input circuit as on this picture. Even amateur electrician can do it. 

430 1P2W.jpg

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