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Fuji Sp2500 Help

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I have the opportunity to buy a Fuji sp2500 which looks like it comes with everything needed. The person doesn’t know if it works but said the previous owner had it working. What can I do to test the unit and what advice do y’all have for transporting the unit safely

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SP2500 is quite old and rare Fuji scanner. It was used with Fuji 390, but can work with any other printer, or can be used stand alone. If on scanner installed older A1 version ( 7.6, or older ) then it is enough disconnect from printer, disable printer on software and already can scan films. If installed A1 version 7.7 - need install lower version.

SP2500 can work with FDIA software ( A1 + C4/C5 + optional FDIA modules ) , or MS software ( MS01 + A1 + optional MS modules ) . When used MS software MS11 module for SP2500 is only optional ( if want to use Frontman ) . 

Try turn on scanner and look how all work. Look scanning quality ( focus, sharpness and etc ) . Make sure, that have not image box errors. From service menu look image displayed on CCD. Test zoom and make sure it works well.

Make scanner backup to floppy and copy files somewhere else. Also make HD image ( two HD there ) . Only when have them will be protected. If something wrong - can restore all. When have not backup and need to make new instillation then need scanner adjustment chart. It is more expensive than scanner and not sure that can get it somewhere.

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