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Kodak 6850 color not on right place


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Hi Guys,


I hope you can help me.

My Kodak 6850 (newest firmware, new paper and ribbon) prints fine. But the issue is, that the colors are not exactly on the right place. So the pictures looks a bit strange, cause the thinest lines are not sharp - cause the colors are postponed. this issue will be more bad, when I start a a big print job. printing only one picture, the effect is not so visible, but it will be worse.

edit: ribbon and paper are new and have over 80% capacity. --> I know these effect, when the ribbon ends, but now, the ribbon has enough capacity.


Maybe someone had a tip do adjust the colors? 



I have a second printer which is fine, so the source of the picture is ok.



Thanks in advance.

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I want to push this topic here. 

sometimes the printer work fine for 1/2 pictures from 5/6 in one printjob. 

there is ne newest firmware installed, new paper kit etc. 

somebody has an idea here?


one example more to show the issue


thanks for your advise



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symptom is called "color registration“ problem in which the layer printings are not precisely to each other. A couple of wearing out spare parts result in this symptom. Don't waste money and time to repair the printer... end of life.... (My opinion)

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