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2901 MLVA thin line problem help

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Hello All,

We started getting a white line. After running the standard Uniformity the line got about 1/3 thinner but remains after multiple Uniformity runs.

See photos below. Look at the magenta section showing the A B sections. One is blank, the other look darker. What is causing this? Line1.thumb.jpg.4fd94ed7b218a7c0ac478fdc45201231.jpg


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Try cleaning the surface of the MLVA head with isopropanol alcohol, possibly there is some dirt on the head blocking it.

I'm guessing A & B refer to the top and bottom exposure section of the MLVA head, It looks like the A section is not exposing and the B section is exposing more to try to compensate.

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Thanks for answering back so fast Dave!

We did clean the MLVA head with alcohol and cleaned the exposure advance area, just tried again to make sure. Looked at both and can't see anything. Is this what can happen when the MLVA fails? Or is it possible it just has a corruption in the data? We did run a daily setup on another paper type and it's still there. Are there files that are common to all four paper types? What else can we try? Are we the last lab that still has a 2901 working LOL? Thanks for your help!

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Have a look at  this post

If the machine has been set up with 3 different paper types there will be 3 daily setup's and 3 different sets of uniformity data. If it's happening on all 3 paper types it's unlikely to be a data issue. Most MLVA head failures tend to be wide white lines, rather than what you have.

It's worth trying the uniformity pattern 2, 3 4 as you don't have any uniformity correction error messages, there is a good chance it will solve the problem.

No LOL, there are still a few 2901's around, though getting less and less now.

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In the other post, how do you "clean the MLVA unit tube"? Could the dirt be on it?

We ran 2, 3, & 4 uniformity pattern. We get the error 6088-0011 on 2 and 6088-0013 on 3
No error on 4. Thin line still remains.

The Service Manual Says this about the errors??
0010 to
Error in adjusting at shipping (it does not occur in the

The Prints look perfect otherwise. Very uniform on solid gray no banding or other lines.
The line just showed up the next morning after shutdown the night before.
We had not even been running the Uniformity for about a year because the clutch on the motor that unlocks the exposure advance unit was broken.

We were amazed the printer stayed perfectly stable with no banding all that time. Seems crazy how often Noritsu software has it run the uniformity!
I fixed the clutch and it's working now. But I bring this up implying that the printer did not corrupt itself doing a Uniformity. Unless a bit filliped on the hard drive.

Thanks for your help we really appreciate you.

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The part to clean is called the integrator, it's in section 2611 page 2 in my service manual.

It's the part underneath the filter wheel where the fibre optic umbilical cord connects.

Hopefully cleaning it will help.

In case you didn't see it, you need to follow the below steps in order.


Make an all data backup (Maintenance, reading and writing data, service data, Writing All Data (CPU → Media)

Clean the MVLA head, clean the connector joint under the filter wheel, clean the dichroic filter unit.

Fit a new MLVA lamp, then follow the below steps:

1. Initialize the MLVA data.
2. Del unf_m_nai.dat (on C:\Noritsukoki\QSS-29\Data folder)
3. Perform Inner Calibration Correction Adjustment.
4. Carry out the Load Voltage Adjustment.
5. Carry out Uniformity Pattern 2.
6. Carry out Uniformity Pattern 3.
7. Carry out Uniformity Pattern 4.
8. Del UNF_FB.dat (on C:\Noritsukoki\QSS-29\Data folder)
9. Copy the UNF01.dat file and paste it on desktop.
10.Rename "UNF01.dat" on the desktop to "UNF_FB.dat"
11.Move the renamed "UNF_FB.dat" file to Data folder mentioned in item 8.
12.Perform the Uniformity pattern 1:
- Choose the paper magazine.
- Choose "Pass": to Cancel and skip the test print.
- Start the Uniformity measurement with the calibrator.
- Press "YES" key
13. Confirm the print quality.


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It is not typical MLVA fault.Usually stripe is wider. On your MLVA doesn't work few pixels on line A, or these pixels are closed ( dust, dirty ) . On this position line B pixels are fully opened, but they can't compensate what missing on print. 

It is some problem with hardware. Clean MLVA and just in case clean integrator ( low possibility, that it help ) . Try remove and clean flat cables comming from MLVA head ( cables are at the top - under cover ) . 

If after all that you see any changes on line A ( where now is gap ) then can try to make uniformity. If gap still be white - need other MLVA. I have used, but working MLVA.

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