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D1005 problems with printing black areas

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Hopefully I can explain the problem because it does not show on a scanned print.

 The black areas looks like there is too much ink, if looking on an angel  it has a shiny or wet appearance and loss of detail.
My nozel check patterns are good and inks are full. I called Noritsu but they do nothing over phone anymore. any help appreciated 
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I have attached 2 images I took with my phone the first one shows the issue and the second is same image just looking straight on and you cant see problem. It is not the paper problem is present in all rolls. Anyone?



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Hard to tell from this images but ... 

if you are using standard dye inks it is caused by high TIC - total ink coverage - this the maximum amount of all inks combined that the paper can handle. The solution is to calibrate the printer using colorimeter or using dedicated ICC profile. Also check how will be by using different paper profiles - for example if you print using matt type of paper on glossy one you can have such issues.

If you are using pigment inks - that is so called bronzing effect. It is mostly visible on glossy papers. The only solution is not to use this inks.

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