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06073-00002 Synchronous Sensor Error


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1 hour ago, yustas said:


You have H the first letter.

According to Noritsu guide it shows the G laser driver type: 

• H: G laser driver (J391231)

• I: G laser driver (J391160)


You have H.

So your laser unit now is B1.

H because the installed driver and the laser is J391231. but as I said again and again, the previous laser head and factory installed green laser is Shimadzu with J391160 driver and for sure the letter I will display in system version check.

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43 minutes ago, yustas said:

If you would install now J391160 back with a Shimadzu HK9356 laser module- you would see a changed laser type.

Yes for sure. Based on your experience, which more reliable laser head between the two? SHOWA OR SHIMADZU 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I want to update you regarding this issue!  Replaced yesterday the Green laser head from Showa to Shimadzu with the original driver from Noritsu J391160 and Synchronous sensor error disappear. Printer is back to life. Once again thanks for the help. Till the next topic. 

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Shimadzu discontinued a production of the laser modules for minilabs in Nov.2020.
This information I received from Japan from Shimadzu guy.
And they do not have any plans to begin it.

So the desire of your client to step on a rake is simply inexplicable.

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This is a non-original head or a refurbished one. The serial number on the transverse sticker does not match the number on the main sticker. There is no transverse sticker on the original heads. Also, the sticker on the connector must contain a barcode for the original head.

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Yes, I also think so. 

It is seems it is not an original one because:
-  the original Shimadzu heads have smaller fixing bolts on the top.
- the brand new modules from Shimadzu have NO stickers with a bar code on the top. This sticker is supposed to be added by the person who assembled it into the laser unit.
- the brand new modules from Shimadzu have an Inspection and test result document where you can see all release tests data.

Here is the top view for the Shimadzu blue laser module HK9356-01.
Just compare.

As a resume: it is a very well-made replica.

Perhaps I am wrong but the facts....





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Probably not original but it doesn't matter now because the problem was solved by changing the laser module. $1K is much cheaper than refurbished laser unit. If this gun will going to lasts for 2 years then it is more than enough. The customer is making a lot of money for this machine. $1K of Gun every year is nothing. No need to argue if it is original or not because for sure it is not because it came from China. Thanks again for your useful information. I am learning so much from this forum. 

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