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qss 3501 pump propblem


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44 minutes ago, Dennis-fotogold said:

Hi, I have the same problem, the pumps sometimes do not switch off, what could be the cause?

I assume that : level sensors and temperature protection sensors - is if they do not turn on

But if they don't turn off ?

Thanks Zdenek

Are you talking about the circulation pumps or the replenisher pumps?
In what situation are you experiencing the pumps not switching off?

Obviously when the machine is in normal operation the circulation pumps will be running, and the replenisher pumps will be operating on and off while prints are being made.

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Check the date and time is correct.
Check the program timer times are set correctly, if the off time is set later than the time you are switching it on to the program timer the pumps will remain on until the off time is reached.

People often seem to get confused by the off time setting, and set it to the time they close the shop, this is incorrect.
The off time should be the latest time you want to machine to remain on for while in timer mode. When you press the yes key the machine goes into operation mode and the program timer is disabled.

Normally it’s something like this:-
On 07:30(am) The machine will be ready for 08:30
Off 10:00(am) The machine will remain heated until 10:00 then will switch off if nobody has put the machine into operation mode.


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