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BL solution is too low


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Hi everyone, i have some problem occur on my noritsu v30s, it showing error message "solution is too low" For the BL tank, I've checked the tank and the ammount of the solution, everything is good, but still the error message is appearing. Does anyone here have the answer? Thank you in advance

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use a thin stick or straw, press down float ring on the BLEACH "level float switch assembly"  to see any error different.

Possibilities :  float ring got stucked and won't float UP with solution;;;; or a bad level flow switch assembly ;;;;;; or  someone took out the assembly cleaned and washed and put back the float ring REVERSELY IF DETACHABLE ( it happened once to me)....     

How long this V30s has been in use by you, Bersoreria ?   The "s" suffix means this V30 film processor was built in Shanghai, China.

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