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Erro imprimir DX100 EX na rede


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On 5/28/2021 at 4:29 PM, Minilab service said:

Nesuprantu klausimo. Jei nori atsakymo - rašyk Angliškai.

Good afternoon, I can't print over the network on the DX100, only on the PC where it is installed, a printer is shared on the network and appears in the list of printers, but it doesn't print over the network. Do you have any tips?
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Which Windows is on host computer ( where printer is installed ) and which Windows is on remote computer ( where from you want to print ) ?

What is DX100 printer driver version? Is shared correct printer ( Fujifilm DX100 EX ) ?

How your DX100 is installed - only print driver, or MS01 + MSP48 + optional modules + print driver?  

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Then here is some network sharing, or protection problem. Try temporary disable firewall and UAC. Check sharing options. If W7 computers have different version ( x86 and x64 ) then need install additional driver. If you have antivirus software - try disable it.
If all that doesn't work - try install as a local printer. Select "Local port" and there add network path.
If you work without MS01 then here is standard printer sharing. Ask any IT engineer and he can help you.

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