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Noritsu S4 Scanner as Standalone Scanner and Windows

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Hello folks,

i would like to help my mother. She has a photo shop with an noritsu minilab and a noritsu s4 scanner. i bought for her an windows 10 "all in one computer" and want to connect the s4 scanner to it. Can somebody maybe help me, how to connect the the scanner to the windows 10 computer ? Does somebody have a manual for me and some hints for me how to start. 

thank you in advance. 

best regards, 


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The S4 scanner can only be operated when connected to a Noritsu Minilab.

To connect the S4 scanner directly to a PC it has to be converted to a HS-1800 scanner, this requires an expensive new circuit board and new cables which allow the scanner to be connected to a PC via USB
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If to order from Noritsu (Japan Wakayama) it may take 1.5 -2 months because they collect orders for manufacturer who starts the conveyer line for the boards only if they have the certain number of boards to make.
We always have such boards (but not for 1000) for sale.

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