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Eroor e1152


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You didn't write, which minilab model you have. Guess here is 330, or 340.

Are you sure about message X-1150? Asking because it is from other minilab. There it means maintenance cancel ended. All messages which start with X are some software trouble.

E-1152 means communication error occurred. Timeout occurred between the scanner PC and SH. Can be communication error due to the SCSI cable between the main control unit and the GHT circuit board, faulty GMB circuit board, faulty GHT circuit board, or it is not installed correctly, faulty SCSI board in the main control unit, wrong driver, software error and some other problems.

Check all SCSI connections. If they are good - try to restore software.

Do you have your HD image? If yes - recover it. If have not image - go to menu and make minilab backup to floppy. From floppy copy files to to hard disc ( create folders "printer backup" and "scanner backup" ) . Then to computer connect new HD. Make computer recovery ( use recovery CD ) , After that install A1 and during it  load backup. If you can finish without errors and all work then it was some software problem. If not - it is problem with hardware ( computer SCSI board, SCSI cable, GHT board, GMB board.

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