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Noritsu 3501 F Proccesor Problem

Sergio Fassio

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Your minilab has two problems. First is that P1 sensor doesn't detect level in the working tank ( error 5916 ) .. Remove CD filter and through hole try to move sensor float up - down. Look sensor status on input check menu. If moving sensor float you see changes then solution level is too low. Add water to reach correct level.

If sensor doesn't work check level changes with multimeter. Also can disconnect sensor and check resistance. When sensor float is on top position you should see short circuit ( about 0 Ohm ) .

Error 5912 means that replenishment tanks should be already empty, but one ( or few ) replenishment tanks still has chemicals. Might be some pipe is blocked, or replenishment pumps doesn't work properly. Check replenishment pumps and calibrate them ( from processor settings menu ) . Also calibrate temperature sensors ( to have correct temperatures ) . When replenishment tanks empty you should see sensor levels on input check menu. If tank empty, but you see level - replenishment tank sensor is bad. Try clean, or replace it. When all done - make initial filling and error 5912 will disappear.

On machine specification. menu should be selected correct process. Can change only from service mode. Replenishment rates depends on cartridge you use.
For CP-49E ( CP-49HV , CP-49HVII ) replenishment rates are 45, 35, 215 . Temperatures 42, 40, 40 .
For CP-49LR replenishment rates are 40, 31.1 and 215 . Temperatures are the same. CP-49LR use, if you print more. 
Information above is for cartridges made by Fuji. If you use cartridges from some other maker ( Tetenal, Cpak, Agfa, Fuji, Kodak, Champion, Axel and many other ) - check their datasheets. Might be they are the same as original ( Fuji ) , but can be a little different.


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in 3501 F type machines when the replenisher level sensors are abnormal these errors will happen . machine has three replenisher tanks one p1 and two p2 tanks.. each tank has two sensors upper and lower.. if the level sensors of these are not come to off periodically machine will stop pumping replenisher and replenisher lac time will increase to 160 and the predetermine amount message will come.. on servise mode you can clear reple, lac time and continue job but the message will come again after some prints.. because it will not pump replenisher  processing tank level also go low..   check the level sensors of replenisher tank in input check if its abnormal drain them and mix the replenisher catridge in servise mode processor setting . processor standard setting ,, processor setup mode,, mixing (create) replenisher manual open..     to do this all 6 sensors of replenisher sections should be off p1r upper and lower p2RA upper and lower p2RB upper and lower...   check the pump amount measurement also after charging the catridge.. good luck

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