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How to install ezcontroller


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I everyone I have 8 CD of ezcontroller but I don’t know how to install first can anyone tell me? 
1. ezcontroller 

2. Calibration plate data s/n 101711

3. Qss 3901 initial data 3 s/n 42050004

4. Qss-printer  f600631-01 z026432-01

5. Profile data f600659-01 z026619-01

6. Pp-1223g4

7. Qss-3901 initial data 2 s/n 42010037


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Hi guys! 
Sorry for another dumb disturb but i have a computer failure on our 3501P and need to replace it.

I have dongle for EZController and a couple of software from friends, but I have no installation manual.

What is the order to install the softwares? I have original CDs too but i want to install a newest software I hope I have.

Here is a list:


Thank you guys for help and really appreciate for this forum!

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Might be you have QSS3501PLUS. 

Scanner software you need, if it is connected. Need only one - which is connected.

The latest EZ controller English is version 7.41, profile 4.8, QSS printer version 19.
Your versions are quite new. Your choice to upgrade EZ controller, or not. You have previous version.
No reason to use newer QSS printer. on version 19 added minilabs with G at the end. No other differences.
Profile can use newer, if you want to use newer papers, which missing on 4.5
On your list do not see optional EZ controller modules ( frame print, multifraframe, tone curve correction and many others ) . Without them have not premium prints ( for example ID print ) and advanced corrections.
Need set network, install EZ controller, profile, QSS printer, optional modules. After that load EZ controller backup ( it is on old HD, or somewhere where you stored it ) . After that connect minilab and can work. Settings and channels will be the same, as they where before.
If want write private message and I help to install remotely ( using Anydesk ) .

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We have no scanner on that machine, don´t need scanner software.

I made the installation and on old computer made data wrinte (cpu to media) than made a data read (media to cpu) on new computer,

but my channel list is empty. What am I doing wrong? How can I get all my channels to the new computer?

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Yes, can do it. Just install print driver. There are two print drivers :
To print on QSS3501PLUS directly
To print on QSS3501PLUS through EZ controller.

Printing interface is similar to home printer. It is possible to add few print drivers ( for example when use with Darkroom ) . Also all print sizes can be on one print driver ( need select during print ) . 

Both printer drivers perfectly work from any Windows ( tested even on W11 64 bit ) . If need more information - write private message.

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