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SI-1080-II issues from a newbie


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I recently rescued a SI-1080-II scanner from getting scrapped, along with a bunch of its accessories. After reading up on the how these things are set up, I'm very relieved to have salvaged the computer (with Kodak software) that drives it as well. After some struggle with the dated software, I managed to scan some negatives with passable results.

I've still got some issues that I haven't been able to figure out:

1. I've got a consistently placed irregularly shaped splotch in my scans that is usually lighter but never completely blown out. Persists after my best attempts at cleaning the illumination path and lens. Much less obvious when scanning in B&W (IR issue?) Don't know what I can safely dismantle to try to clean.

2. Repair/sourcing a new 135 auto film gate: After opening it up, I'm fairly sure that the issue is just rubber/urethane(?) on the film handling rollers have completely disintegrated. I don't have any service manuals or anything so I don't know if this is something I can source parts for. Not handy enough to know if I can hack together a replacement.

Right now I'm scanning with the manual film gate, but it's more annoying than you would expect - unless I'm missing something, you can't preview your scans with the software until you "complete" the scan associated with an order. Which brings me to...

3. Are there alternatives to the official Kodak software to drive the scanner? I understand the interface is some proprietary interface that just uses SCSI terminated cables, so I'm not going to plug it into some random computer. The ability to just peek at the last captured image live would help a lot. I don't know if you're able to sniff what's being transmitted by the scanner with any of the diagnostic programs that are on the computer.

Not a lot of documentation online for this kind of thing, so I was pleased when I stumbled onto this forum. Thanks for reading!


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If you have SI-1080-II first using Acronis make SCSI HD images. Nobody knows how long your HD work. Any moment they can fail and then you have problems. Also from Kodak menu make Kodak system backup.

Kodak software is installed from recovery CD. Computer should have exact configuration. Anyway I managed to run computer image on standard computer ( without SCSI disks ) . Didn't test with scanner, but I think all should work. Just question how work scanner board. CAU ( compact archive ) is not problem. It is optional, so can be removed.

Scanner connector is not SCSI. Just used the same connector. On cable should be message about it. Do not try connect it to real SCSI.

The same AFC was used on QSS22, QSS23, QSS26 and similar minilabs. Many these models are scraped. Maybe you can find better carrier from one of them. Film carrier is very old, so probably nobody make rubber rings for them. If have errors from sensors then can be calibrated from maintenance menu.

These Kodak scanners where rare, so difficult to find manuals. I have everything about them - manuals ( service, instillation, etc ) , software ( recovery CD software, optional modules and upgrades ) . Even somewhere should be image file, which I did on standard computer ( when software worked there ) .

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Good call. I'll image the HDD. This sort of legacy stuff is so scary to deal with.

I hate to think that these film carriers are duds just because of a few missing rings. Maybe I can find some makeshift solution at a hardware store... but I'm not actually sure where to start looking for this sort of thing.

What are modern labs using for scanning? I understand this sort of volume will wreck a "prosumer" scanner in short order.

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Honestly do not remember, which rollers are there. Very long time passed since I saw them. Film carrier is small ( about twice smaller than on QSS30 ) , so it is absolutely different.

To make HD image use older Acronis boot CD. I did image using 2010 version. Just boot from Acronis CD, select disk and make image to USB disk. Acronis Boot CD perfectly see SCSI disks. HD letters mismatch with letters on Windows. To see which disk is where use HD names. 

Created HD images can be restored on standard computer. Of course Windows will not boot. But if to run Windows repair all will be adjusted for new computer. After that it should work.

The most use Noritsu and Fuji scanners. There are no really new scanners. Noritsu has S-1800, but it is the same older HS-1800 ( few parts changed to newer ) . HS1800 is S4 with changed one board. Fuji has SP-3000, but it was released about 20 years ago with with Fuji 355. For newer models it has newer computer and higher table. If need quite good and not expensive scanners can use Konica. Many minilabs ( R1, R2 ) finished their life, but scanners still work.

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