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Malfunction of the cd water valve on agfa d-lab1


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Try draining some chemistry out of the CD tank-- leave it half full.

If the error does not immediately resolve, go to Service Mode and run the DAISY script Special -> ResetPPcalib.txt or ResetFPcalib.txt. Then, shut the machine down and restart or reset it a few times. This routine will fix many docking-related errors on the dlab.

There are 3 sensors in the replenisher tanks on the D-lab.1: empty, full, and overflow. If the chemical level reaches the overflow sensor, it will generate the Water Valve error. The machine is assuming that something has gone wrong in the docking routine and too much water has been added to the mix, causing the fluid level to rise to the Overflow sensor. If you are bypassing the docking system, the overflow sensor is irrelevant but the machine requires that the chemical level always stays in between "empty" and "full" to prevent docking errors,.

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