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SP3000 Fuji Frontier - Blue lines down right side of photo


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Our SP-3000 Fuji Frontier scanner is now scanning with a series of thin blue lines down the side of the photo.

We are seeing the error message is a E-4241 “A failure in the GPA circuit board was detected”

 The other error message is E-4272 “An error occurred in the image processing section”

 Both faults point to a GPA23 circuit board failure.

Can anyone assist with what we should do or where to get another board if that is what is required.



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GPA23 board test passed. You have only one board and it works well.

You have error on first DIMM module ( DIMM1 ) . Try switch DIMM1 and DIMM2 RAMs. Then run test again and look where you have error ( DIMM1, or DIMM2 ) . If error will be transferred into DIMM2 then module is faulty. Here used server RAM module.

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Only old software can work with one module, but even then work unstable. You need other module. Here is used server RAM module. Original RAM is Transcend TS6SRF0870R-7SE . Can use many similar server RAM models. To work properly RAM modules should be  512MB ,CL3 , PC133 ECC REG, 168 pin SDRAM for servers. Memory chips should be with the same architecture -  8-Mwords × 8-Bits x 4 Banks.

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